Closets and Spring Cleaning

It’s amazing what a good night’s sleep does for a person. I love Friday nights, especially when it is the week my housekeeper comes and I have nothing pressing the next morning. You know the Friday nights when you crawl into freshly laundered sheets, turn off the phone, and sleep? Then, second to that is a lazy spring morning, the kind where a second cup of coffee is enjoyed on the patio and you try to decide what you will do that day. Bliss! 

I felt so good today that I decided to tackle my closet that holds my spring and summer clothes. I’m fortunate enough to have two walk-in closets in my big bathroom. I use one for winter clothes and one, as I’ve said, for summer clothes. I knew I had to do what I had to do, that is, get rid of or store outgrown clothes. You know the ones? Those you MIGHT get into again?

Before my husband died I had lost 40 lbs. Some of those clothes were still in the closet, pushed back, “just in case”.  Eating hospital fast food and eating out of loneliness after the fact made for another size of clothing. This, I’m folding and putting away what I hope to wear again and giving the rest away. 

As I’ve been folding and sorting, I’ve remembered how much Bob liked certain pieces of my wardrobe. It’s hard to put those away. Then, I came across the outfit I wore to the funeral. I was never able to wear it again. I’ve carefully put those aside for storage. Then there was that moment when I reached back in the very back of the closet and my hands rested upon a shirt and a sweater of Bob’s that I kept. I’d forgotten about them being back there. I buried my head in the shirt that he last wore, never bringing myself to laundry it. It still smells like him. That brought a familiar feeling, a comfort. 

This morning, I had mentioned to a friend during a phone conversation, that I just sensed a nearness of Bob. It was not a sad feeling but a sweet one. I don’t understand all I know about that, but it was there all the same. Finding his shirt, I realized I didn’t have negative or heartbreaking emotions, just peace, love for my man, and the knowledge that all is well. 

A sweet friend made a statement this week, after facing a possibly serious health issue, that nothing mattered because the tomb is empty. I thought about that a lot during the week and this morning, the day before Easter, that it is indeed true. Because it is empty, we hope not in things seen but unseen. No health issue, not even the death of a spouse has victory over the believer. Jesus has risen, the grave is overwhelmed, death has no sting. 

Someone asked me today if I ever wondered what Easter is like for Bob now. My reply was that every day was Easter in heaven because he is with the resurrected Christ. He loved Him on earth and loves Him even more today.  So, on this Easter weekend, as I fold clothes and clean out a neglected closet, I marvel at the love of God and gives thanks for an empty tomb. 

Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!


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